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Hitting One Out of the Park: seasonal campaigns

February 1, 2011

Campaign Goal(s): Build awareness for the Chicago Tribune Photo Store and their new web address,, and drive incremental purchase around seasonal opportunities.

Primary target: Affluent adults and working professionals, male and female, city and suburban.

Creative strategy: Leverage seasonal opportunities to promote various categories within the Photo Store. Around the holidays, messaging focused on gift-giving, and the uniqueness of an authentic Chicago Tribune photo as opposed to the standard gifts. At the start of baseball season, we leveraged the passion Chicagoans have for both teams, conveying a sense of history, drama and beauty around our favorite pastime. All ad creative was tagged with unique offer codes so sales could be tracked back to specific messages and the campaign could be optimized around those messages that performed best.

Channels Used: Print, online display, television, email

Results: The Chicago Tribune Photo Store saw incremental sales during these seasonal efforts, with the holiday campaign in particular driving an increase of 125% over the previous year.


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