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Putting Our Readers First: A Closer Look Into the Redesign of The Chicago Tribune

June 24, 2011

The Chicago Tribune has just recently launched a newly designed print edition built for the modern reader. The enhanced paper is filled with greater content, more in depth articles, and a fresh contemporary look. The paper will now feature 40 to 44 extra pages per week – all for the same original price at newsstands and a discounted price for home-delivery subscribers.

Talks of a redesign sparked from conversations amongst The Chicago Tribune’s devout readers. The Tribune listened intently to the wants of their audience and constructed a paper for them. “We’ve added depth, dimension and range to the Chicago Tribune to meet the expectations of our most loyal readers,” said Gerould Kern, Senior Vice President and Editor.

The expanded coverage breakdown consists of five essential news categories, including: local news and investigative reporting, business, national and world news, arts and entertainment and editorials and commentary.

Local news and investigative reporting gives readers a deeper look into the happenings of what’s going on in and around the Chicagoland area and close to home. In National reports, the Tribune is calling on their reporters all over the world and having them deliver quality news in a timely fashion. The Business section provides Chicago’s outlook on recent consumer trends and booming businesses.

Furthermore, Arts and Entertainment reveals anything and everything from pop culture to high culture. Dining suggests to readers all that is cuisine. Lastly, Health and Family offers a closer, more personal outlook on well being.

Digital is also on board for this massive brand redesign. has upgraded their site with an overall more organized, clean-cut look. Features include more breaking news stories, the latest weather updates, personalized content for the daily online reader, and a partner to print section – intended specifically to compliment the new print product. Overall, the new is a place where platforms of every kind are integrating – whether it is reporting, the new print edition, social media, or multimedia coverage.

The redesign of The Chicago Tribune is committed to delivering relevant news coverage to its’ Chicago audience. While changes are evident in greater content and aesthetic appeal on both the print edition and online, Gerould Kern states The Chicago Tribune’s mission remains the same, “We are committed to bringing you the accurate, courageous and groundbreaking reporting you’ve come to expect from us.”

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