WGN Radio 720

CONTACT Dan Richman, Local Sales Manager

Engaging Chicagoans with the best news, talk and sports radio.

  • On-air personalities have a unique relationship with Chicagoland
  • Proven track record of delivering results and growing businesses
  • Wide range of programming available to target messages
Tribune Media Group provides Jam with an unmatchable combination of traditional media and leading-edge marketing technology. With our wide variety of concerts and events, throughout any given year we utilize the Chicago Tribune, RedEye, The Onion, Hoy, WGN-Radio and WGN-TV, and an ever-growing array of digital advertising opportunities. John Soss, Vice President - Ad Vice Marketing Agency - Jam Productions
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WGN Radio Opportunities

WGN Radio Featured Programming
WGN Radio delivers a wide variety of targeted programming that aligns well with several different industries and categories of business, providing maximum impact.

WGN Radio Contests & Promotions
Whether a business is looking to build awareness, drive traffic or communicate a unique aspect of their product or service, WGN Radio can customize a campaign to meet the marketing objectives. WGN Radio’s connection with Chicagoland helps establish trust and drive results.

WGN Radio Sports
Chicagoans depend on WGN Radio for the latest up-to-the-minute sports coverage and play-by-play for the Northwestern Wildcats, Chicago Cubs and Chicago Blackhawks. As a leader in providing quality sports coverage, WGN Radio works with businesses to develop custom opportunities that capture the attention of loyal fans.

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With popular personalities, breaking news and the latest on weather and traffic all live online, visitors often spend extended time on the site.


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WGN Radio Mobile

In addition to display advertising opportunities, WGN Radio also connects with consumers through a series of opt-in mobile alerts.

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WGN Radio Events

Throughout the year WGN Radio hosts a collection of home and sports events that connect with Chicagoans, providing a unique opportunity to promote brand messages to avid home and sports enthusiasts.