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Chicago's source for local cable news & targeted programming.

  • Chicago's #1 local cable news station
  • Airs targeted 30-minute programs focused on health, home and entertainment
  • Offers customized in-program marketing opportunities
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CLTV Targeted Programming
In partnership with WGN-TV, CLTV produces a series of weekly, targeted, 30-minute programs that engage local audiences around Chicagoland including Chicago’s Best, Living Healthy Chicago and Weekend Workbench.

CLTV In-Program Marketing
CLTV offers a variety of in-program marketing opportunities designed to maximize client messaging. CLTV can work directly with a business to design a customized marketing strategy that aligns with their goals.

CLTV Local and Regional News
As Chicagoland’s only local cable news station, CLTV provides consistently updated information with Breaking News, Weather on the 1’s, Commutercast Traffic, Sports and Business updates and daily replays of WGN’s Noon News and 9PM news.

Added to your planREMOVE features local news and blogs, including exclusive videos and content. With a focus on video, delivers high levels of audience engagement and breaking news audiences frequently return to the site.