T.V. Media

Chicagoland adults spend over 30% of their daily media consumption watching television – that’s higher than any other media segment. With WGN-TV and CLTV, Tribune Media Group delivers the most local Chicago news, the best local sports coverage, and targeted programming that delivers a wide audience.

T.V. Advertising Benefits:

  • Direct response
  • Targeted programming
  • Product integration

Source: The Media Audit, Chicago Market, Sept – Oct 2010
Base: 7,056,477 Adults 18+ in the Chicago DMA

Tribune Media Group provides Jam with an unmatchable combination of traditional media and leading-edge marketing technology. With our wide variety of concerts and events, throughout any given year we utilize the Chicago Tribune, RedEye, The Onion, Hoy, WGN-Radio and WGN-TV, and an ever-growing array of digital advertising opportunities. John Soss, Vice President - Ad Vice Marketing Agency - Jam Productions

T.V. Brands and Services

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