Radio Media

Radio delivers a unique and an emotional connection with listeners that can generate results to your bottom line. Tribune Media Group is home to one of the Midwest’s most established stations, WGN Radio 720. With “more than just headlines”, WGN Radio’s hosts and newsroom provide in-depth coverage and discussion of local news, sports, entertainment, and information.

Radio Advertising Benefits:

  • Reach consumers on-the-go
  • Drive store traffic
  • Emotional appeal
Tribune Media Group provides Jam with an unmatchable combination of traditional media and leading-edge marketing technology. With our wide variety of concerts and events, throughout any given year we utilize the Chicago Tribune, RedEye, The Onion, Hoy, WGN-Radio and WGN-TV, and an ever-growing array of digital advertising opportunities. John Soss, Vice President - Ad Vice Marketing Agency - Jam Productions

Radio Brands and Services

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