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How Today’s Consumers are Impacting Entertainment Media

December 5, 2010

Nowadays, consumers are able to get whatever they want, wherever and whenever they want it. The options are limitless.

Within the entertainment platform, consumer relationships are evolving rapidly. Technology has given us more freedom of choice. The line between traditional entertainment media and online media is blurring, enabling multiplatform media access to become the norm.

We’ve highlighted some of the more interesting content/technology mash-ups available today:


Online entertainment is being put in the spotlight with viral videos, amateur clips, comedic parodies and original short films. Audiences are captivated by this new wellspring of content, creativity and the access to global entertainment networks.

My Way

The newest devices and services feed the need for growing media consumption, determined based on audience behaviors, likes and dislikes. Consumers don’t want a one-size fits all experience, they want services that are tuned into their own individual tastes.

Social Satisfaction

Social networking sites and smart phones have made many entertainment options communal, allowing friends to access each other’s data and creating another plateau of entertainment opportunities.