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Building a Bigger Audience on Thanksgiving

November 22, 2013

Everyone knows that Thanksgiving is a time for feasting…on newspaper ads that is. So, what is being done to continually make the Thanksgiving day paper such a must-have annual issue? At Tribune Media Group the planning never stops. This year, that hard work will culminate with a multi-channel campaign to drive single copy sales across…

Printers Row Lit Fest

A cherished three-decade old festival achieves its greatest success.

January 18, 2013

Campaign Goal(s): For twenty-eight years, Printers Row Lit Fest has attracted authors, booksellers, and book lovers from across the nation. 2012′s goal: make it the best year yet. Primary Target: Highly engaged Chicagoans who love literature, authors, and culture. Creative Strategy: Create a graphic theme and tonality that stood apart from previous years but connected…

Printers Row Journal

Chicago’s most comprehensive book coverage, including journal and membership.

January 18, 2013

Campaign Goal(s): When Printers Row Journal was introduced as a paid subscription available to Chicago Tribune subscribers, initial results were promising, but then went flat. New pricing tiers were created to expand interest, and a new campaign was needed to bring attention to the new options and to attract new prospects. Primary Target: Book lovers…

Chicago Tribune Charities - A McCormick Foundation - 100 million logo

An esteemed charity reaches an impressive milestone.

January 18, 2013

Campaign Goal(s): best way to lose weight for men Chicago Tribune Charities, a McCormick Foundation Fund, wished to announce a significant milestone: $100 million in grants given since the charity’s founding. Primary Target: High household income, baby boomer and older, white collar, college-educated Creative Strategy: Create a celebratory logo and tone to capture the joy…

Chicago Shopping

Shopping Made Personal: brand re-launch

January 18, 2013

Campaign Goals: Generate awareness and clicks to the re-imagined Chicago Shopping, a portal dedicated to national and local shopping deals, but which had failed to get significant traction with its prior site focus. Primary target: Women, 25-54, city and suburban Creative strategy: Promote more than a site, but a brand. Emphasize bargains while maintaining the feminine qualities of…