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An Economic Outlook at Entertainment and Recreation in Chicago

July 15, 2014

Chicago is known to be one of the most renowned hubs for entertainment and recreation in the nation.  There is no shortage of theaters, museums, live music venues/events, and other distinctive cultural institutions that continue to attract millions of local consumers, as well as visitors from around the world. Here is a brief look at…

Website Tips and Takeaways from the New

July 14, 2014

On August 1, 2014, you’ll see a reimagined and redesigned, focused on enhancing user experience and driving increased interaction with our content.  For a ‘sneak peak’, visit the Los Angeles Times website.  Our new website delivers a unique digital platform on a large-scale, but our changes and enhancements can be leveraged for your own…

Rapid Growth in Chicago’s Tourism Industry

June 13, 2014

As tourism in Chicago continues to grow, summer is an opportune time for advertisers to reach tourists, as well as Chicagoland residents who are eager to explore their city.  Trip Advisor’s Traveler’s Choice Awards recently named Chicago the second most popular spot for ‘Top U.S. Destinations’ in 2014. This may come as no surprise to…

Is Sponsored Content the Right Fit for Your Business?

June 12, 2014

The world of sponsored content is expanding and growing continually.  Buzzwords including ‘branded’ and ’native’ are out in the market, and more and more businesses and industries are looking to sponsored content to tell their story.  An estimated $118 billion was spent nationally on content marketing, video marketing, and social media in 2013, a number that will…

Instagram Tips for Businesses

May 12, 2014

A few best practices for Instagram posts will ensure that consumers are noticing and interacting with them.