Automotive Industry

Nearly 1.4 million Chicagoland adults plan to buy a new or used automobile in the next year. That encompasses nearly 20% of the Chicagoland population. In addition, over 70% of this audience is employed — making this an audience with buying power.

Chicagoland Auto Shoppers

  • Over 60% are male
  • $64,236 median household income
  • 37% are between the ages of 18-34

National Trends / Observations

  • Is there an app for that? More auto buyers are inquiring about easy-access solutions to auto-related information & services
  • Getting “real” with consumers: Hyundai launched a 10-city Uncensored Tour that featured a test-driving obstacle course, post-drive tent with music and coffee, and video-equipped cars that recorded consumer reactions

*Base: 1,376,715 Adults A18+ who plan to buy a new or used vehicle in the next year. Sources: Scarborough, Chicago R1, 2010; National Trends / Observations compiled by Tribune Media Group Market Strategy from various sources. is one of the largest online players in the auto industry and the best place to reach the car-buying audience and drive traffic to our store. We couldn't be happier with the customer service and results we receive from the Trib. Don Davis, General Manager - Valley Honda
“Chicago Tribune’s print and insert program allows Midas the flexibility to target tight geographies with a flexible product mix that includes Chicago Tribune subscribers and non-subscribers, RedEye and Fin de Semana.” Cary Dice, Account Director - Moroch
“For the Auto Show, Elevate Digital helped get our message across to thousands of auto enthusiasts for a minimal spend.” Joe Mok, General Manager - Gmotorcars
“The whole process was very easy and the exposure the TribLocal wrap got us was fantastic. We will definitely advertise with TribLocal again!” Amy Mokris, Marketing Account Manager - Camping World RV Sales

Connecting with the Automotive Industry

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